frustration becomes her…

Update on Caspian…

We have been under construction for one month and five days. For the most part, we are making good progress.

In a nutshell, the Inspector made Duhon Construction stop work because we do not have a permit for the work going on in the kitchen. We did not know that we needed a permit for that work. So, yesterday I went down to City Hall and pulled the permit for “remodel of the kitchen” and to re-wire the whole house. Yes, the electrician did not pull a permit as he was supposed to.

We had an inspector come out today. He could NOT inspect the electric stuff because it was not up to code. There were several things left undone. The wires were “hot” and should have been because the work was not inspected yet. The inspector told us that if he had to come out again and it was not done correctly, he would shut the whole job down and start charging us for the inspections. GREAT!

So, the electrician came back out. Luckily, just the son was there when I went on my lunch. I would have unleashed on him. From what I could tell, all the action items from the inspection list were completed. I did not check the circuit box to see if that had been updated and re-labeled. I will have to swing back by after work.

I hope I never have to go through all these headaches again. But if I do, I will be prepared. This is totally a learning experience.


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