i fell…

The words I never want to hear after Jabari has gone out riding. My worst fear came true yesterday. Jabari layed his bike down on the onramp of the 710N at Del Amo. He’s ok; banged up elbow and ankle. THANK GAWD! I don’t really remember how I got to where he was. I do remember driving up Del Amo and seeing several flashing lights and sirens. And knowing that’s where he was, and thats where I needed to be. I couldn’t get there fast enough. I am so glad that he is ok. When he called and told me the news, I felt as if I was gonna barf. All my insides jumped up into my throat. They say that all riders fall at least once. I hope that this was his only time. Now I’m going to be 15 times more paranoid when he DOES go out on his bike. grrrrr!

This is how I want to see him on his bike..happy and on top of it!


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