Life is but a beach chair…

Today I went out roaming the lovely city that I call home. That’s right my friend, LONG BEACH! I love this place! What more could you ask for? A large city, great little neighborhoods, diversity, great shopping, restaraunts, beach, sun, palm trees…

Of course, by the picture, I was at the beach. What a better place to be on a 70 degree Sunday afternoon. I haven’t really been playing/practicing with my camera. So, what the hell. Good time to be by myself and enjoy the scenery. Smell the fresh air, wind in my ear lobes, sun in my devilish blue eyes. Unwind from the stress of work, extreme home make over and let it all go!

Real funny story. When I was little…the fam would occassionally drive down ocean. My mom or sister would say, it’s such a clear day I can see all the way to Catalina. I would look out the car window to see what they were talking about. All I saw was what I now know is the OIL ISLAND. I would think to myself, you can always see it, it’s just right there! What a wee, unassuming child! HA!

I jus liked this shot.

This is the building that was recently on the news. Just heard news of a fire in a high rise on Ocean. We thought it was Yari’s building and were worried about her. Luckily it wasnt her building. Tragedy of the story is that a man jumped out of his window near the top of the building. Notice the boarded up windows. I think that would be the worst way to die. I cannot blame him for jumping. YIKES!


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