This Old House…

Jabari and I both had Friday off. What a better time to tear some shit up? The dumpster arrived at 7am. What a relief; we didnt have to wait 4 hours for that mug. Right away we started tearing out the carpet and pads. Most of the hardwood is in good repair. But each room has a major problem. Good thing we are covering it back up. Buuut, under the lovely orangish brown carpet in the family room? MMmhhm, there was forest green and ivory, peel n stick linoleum tiles. Niiiiice! No worries, we bought a tile bully. Just scrape em up, right? Not at all. After 2 days of scraping and back aches…we found a power scraper at HD (Home Depot; our new favorite place). That thing peeled the tiles off like butta. Lets see what else did we do? Totally demo’d the kitchen, extended the archway from the living room to the dining room and the archway from the dining room to the family room, cut down all the trees in the backyard, tore out the swing set, broke down the hideous planter boxes, dispersed the dirt, removed all the 1/4 rounds, washed the walls in the LR, tried to clean the fireplace (more work needed), cut all the branches off the fan palm in the front yard, cut all the dead palm frons off the side trees, took down the green mesh from the purgola and knocked down the bar. I think that’s it.

The first day we were on our own. Day 2 of demo, the 562 riders came through. Ben was a big help. That’s him amidst the fruit trees below… Day 3 of demo Susie and Steve came out. yaaaaay, what a big help. Love you guys!

Tearing out drywall is soooo messy. We continually had to sweep. Not to mention the amount that gets in your nose, mouth and hair. Grrrr. Note to self; don’t take pictures when the drywall dust is flying all around. Just because you can’t really see it, doesnt mean its not really there. i.e. all the lil white specks in the picture.

One last thing. We paid $400 for the dumpster that we thought we would NOT be able to fill up. BULLSHIT! We filled that mug up to the brim. Not to mention the fact that we got got on Saturday nite. Some fools cleaned out their garage and put all their junk in our bin. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks. But we got smart. Put a piece of plywood on top and jump on it to compact the trash. That was fun to watch!

More to come…


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