damn the weeds!

OK, so I went to conquer the backyard. CONQUER, I did not! I went semi-prepared; radio, diet coke, gloves, rake for leaves, steel rake, hedge trimmer and trash bags. Ohhhh no, the backyard laughs in the face of such simple tools. I cut all the weeds (which are more like little bushes)! But, there is this green fluffy stuff that was too thick for me to uproot with the steel rake. Grrrr! So, I cut all the weeds, put em in the trash, raked all the leaves from the mystery fruit tree, cleaned up the side walkway and picked up random trash. I am now debating whether we should just get Gloria’s brother to fancy it up for us or if we should tackle it ourselves with stronger, more powerful tools. Jabari and I have to meet Duhon at the house at 6:30 to go over the plans and iron out details. More to come…


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