Erin go Blaugghh!

OK, so yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day! It started out pretty slow. I went by the cemetary to say hello. Didn’t stay too long, too many funerals going on. None the less, I left in tears. Jabari always makes me feel better and makes me laugh. Then on to the mall. Had to get my shamrock vans to complete the “FLAIR A LA ST. PATTY’S DAY”. Later, on to EJ Malloys to meet the famdamily. It was pretty crowded, but the overall mood was happy. Most Irish are a happy drunk. We finally got a table and chilled for the night. Nothing really spectacular took place. Lots of great people watching…drunkin, obnoxious “I love you man” type behavior, lots of green beer, lines for the bathroom, buffalo chicken strips and heineken.
and oh yea…dad came to hang out. he was so happy to see me as usual. I took this pic of us and I thought he was going to cry. All he could say was “that’s a first” and slap me on the arm. God bless him. For the most part we all got along. I dig that. We don’t hang out enough. All in all it was a good day! Thanks Ice Cube!


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