Smells Like Christmas!

I’m finally getting into the spirit!! I started by decorating my office at work! Of course, I have to make it exciting for the chilrens! Then it spread to the lovely home in Signal Hill. I had been debating on a tree. Fake or real? I decided to go with a REAL Douglas Fir. I set it all up last night, after a few trips to everyones favorite store, TARJAY! So, look at my tree! Ain’t it purrrty? It’s nothing real fancy, but it’s ours. I came home from work today and the house smells like CHRISTMAS. I love it!

Then I had to add the knick knacky things here and there. And we ALL know how much I love candles. Partylite makes decorating so easy. You will notice a fat girl theme of candy in each display! 🙂 yum!

All of these material things are fun to play with and manipulate. But nothing takes away the fact that my mom is not here to share it with me. As I started to decorate last night, I broke down because something wasn’t right with the tree. And I realized that hooking the tree up was something that my mom and I did each year. At this time 2 years ago, she was in the hospital and we were waiting to hear what was wrong with her. Little did we know, we would lose her 2 weeks later. So, last night…I let it all out! Jabari was here, we talked, cried, talked some more and continued to decorate. It helps when I get to deal with the emotion right then and there. I’m sure I will have many more emotions to deal with in the weeks to come. I’m so glad that I have family and friends that are good listeners.


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